Virus-free air for your event! In all conference rooms, state-of-the-art purification devices filter the aerosols in the room air and ensure continuous disinfection using UvOxy® technology.

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For conferences and meetings you need three things above all: peace, a productive atmosphere and concentration. We take care of the first two - and then concentration comes almost automatically. The fact that Siegburg is definitely a good choice for your event is also due to our ingenious location in the middle of the Cologne-Bonn metropolitan region and our ideal ICE train and airport connections. And in our house you will find the most beautiful contrast: a relaxed, friendly environment on the beautiful edge of the quiet Siegburg city centre! Our professional complete service will take care of everything else for you: Phone +49 2241 - 84640-0.

Individual meetings

We will be happy to provide you with a conference package tailored to your needs and your daily schedule!
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Phone: +49 2241 - 84640-0