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Whether it’s after a long dive in the Oktopus diving tower, hours of bathing fun in the Wasserpark, or after a long tour of the River Rhine: Regular guests to Oktopus generally have worked up a fair hunger before coming to our restaurant. As you would expect, fresh salads, hearty burgers, and succulent specialist dishes from the grill feature heavily on the menu. Our chef ensures that products are fresh and of high-quality by ordering carefully selected ingredients from trusted partners from our region. Enjoy your meal!

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Our affiliates:

Thomashof Burscheid · Bergische farm cheese dairy with farm café and restaurant


vomFASS Siegburg · The name says it all: the fine and delicious vinegars, oils, liqueurs and spirits are sourced from good addresses all over the world and bottled fresh for us.


Das Weinlager · Our wine supplier has best contacts to the winegrowers in the Rhineland and a good hand in the selection of his supraregional and international winegrowers. Look forward to real discoveries!


Werners Metzgerei · He still exists, the butcher by vocation and passion: it is no coincidence that Klaus Werner supplies the demanding restaurateurs in the region. It is from him that we get what we serve from pot, pan, beefer, smoker and on the flambé skewer.


Jansens Landmarkt · When it comes to fruit, vegetables and herbs from regional cultivation, Ralph Jansen is the right man for our chef. Freshness, quality and taste - you will love it!


Kirchscheider Hof · The Gutshof in Scheiderhöhe offers the entire rural variety - from dairy products, eggs, poultry, juices, jams, fruit and vegetables to game from its own hunting grounds.

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