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There are many ways of planning and calculating costs of a meeting. The simplest is our flat rate per person, with two different variants - one with and one without an evening meal. If you don’t use the entire hall, then your flat rate might include the costs of the conference room already (provided that the minimum number of participants is reached).

This flat rate covers all typical equipment. If minor additional services are required then moderate additional costs apply. However, if you want to tailor your event with supplementary programmes and other ideas, then a bespoke package offer will be better for you. We’ll be delighted to advise you

  Single room
Hall, left
Hall, central
Hall, right
Hall, general
Raummiete: 150 € / Day 250 € / Day 250 € / Day 350 € / Day 1000 € / Day a.A.
free of charge: From 12 people upwards From 20 people upwards From 20 people upwards From 20 people upwards --- a.A.

Prices incl. ancillary and operating cots as well as final ceaning.

Service Price
Mobile Stage / mobile platform on request
Radio microphonen on request
Headset on request
Lectern on request
Dance floor on request
Technical support on request
Colour print-out 0,25 € / page
Black/white print out 0,20 € / page
Delivery service for room gifts 1,50 € / room

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