Hygiene concept

For the safety of our guests and employees

The Friendly Cityhotel Oktopus has implemented a comprehensive hygiene concept to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures allow the hotel to resume operations and serve to protect our guests and staff. We look forward to welcoming back our valued meeting and holiday guests and appeal to your understanding for the hygiene measures and distancing rules in place.


  • It is crucial that you check (prior to booking and arrival) if you want to travel from a COVID-19 risk area.
  • If you are travelling from abroad, you will find up-to-date information regarding this on the website of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI): https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html
  • If you are staying, are registered or have stayed in a risk area, it is imperative that you present us with a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, which must not be more than 48 hours old – the time the test result was determined applies. Otherwise, we ask you to refrain from travelling to us in your own interest, since we will not be allowed to accommodate you. Detailed information can be found on the North Rhine-Westphalia website: https://www.land.nrw/de/wichtige-fragen-und-antworten-zum-corona-virus


  • The distancing and hygiene rules are displayed on a monitor in the entrance area.
  • You must be wearing a mouth and nose covering before entering the hotel.
  • Eye-catching mouth and nose covering pictograms are also displayed.
  • You MUST disinfection your hands in the entrance area.


  • Distance markings on the ground and information signs signal the distances that must be observed.
  • A body temperature measurement will be carried out in compliance with data protection provisions before approaching the reception. No data is stored. If there are any abnormalities, the temperature can be measured using an infrared thermometer without contact, subject to hygiene regulations. In the event of an increased temperature or fever, the guest is requested to seek medical attention. Guests with respiratory infection symptoms are not permitted to enter the hotel.
  • Reception staff are protected by a plexiglass screen. A mouth and nose covering can also be worn individually.
  • Staff members will refer to the hygiene rules applicable at the hotel to the guests at check-in.
  • The hygiene plan is also published on the hotel’s website and is sent out at the same time as the booking confirmations.
  • A registration form must still be completed at check-in. A digital registration form is in the pipeline.
  • Room cards are cleaned and disinfected before check-in and after check-out.
  • Payments should be made via mobile payment, if possible. Card payment is also possible. We no longer accept cash payments at the hotel for hygiene reasons.
  • Communication in the reception complies with distancing rules.

Guest room:

  • There is a disinfectant dispenser near the lift on each floor.
  • Minibars in rooms that have them are not in service.
  • There is no intermediate cleaning of the rooms. Rooms are only cleaned after departure. Guests have the option of exchanging towels at the reception.
  • Room cleaning staff wear disposable gloves and mouth and nose coverings.
  • The rooms are intensively ventilated during the entire cleaning process.
  • Light switches, handles and remote controls are disinfected.
  • The rooms are cleaned according to a colour-coordinated hygiene cleaning plan:
    Yellow > Furniture (mirror, desk, cupboards, chairs, radiators, doors)
    Pink > Hygiene area (WC, urinal, surrounding wall tiles)
    Striped > Wet area (sink, tiles, storage, shower and bath)
    Green > Glazing, floor surfaces, general cleaning work
  • After the room has been cleaned, the door is locked and marked with a cleaning seal. The seal indicates that this room has not been entered after cleaning.


  • Mouth and nose coverings must be worn on the way from the hotel room to the breakfast restaurant.
  • Hands should be washed and/or disinfected again before entering the breakfast restaurant. A disinfectant dispenser is available.
  • To ensure distancing rules in the restaurant, guests are seated by our service team and have a set seat. Distancing rules must also be observed during waiting times.
  • Guests help themselves to the breakfast buffet as before if there is a high occupancy rate. Mouth and nose coverings must be worn for every visit to the buffet. Hands must be disinfected before every visit to the buffet. A continental breakfast is served if there are a low number of guests.
  • Tables are not set in advance and are placed 1.5 metres apart. Salt, pepper and sugar are served individually packaged.
  • Tables and seats are cleaned and disinfected after each breakfast (continuous written documentation).
  • Staff clean and disinfect their hands every time they serve or clear up or at least every 30 minutes and as required. This is also continuously documented.
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses are cleaned in the dishwasher at at least 60°.
  • The breakfast room is intensively ventilated at regular intervals.
  • Mouth and nose coverings must be worn on the way to the hotel room.


  • The restaurant is closed for individual guests until further notice. Meeting participants are exempt from this regulation.

Hotel bar:

  • The hotel bar remains closed for the time being. We offer our guests a drinks service at the seats in the lobby area while respecting distancing rules.
  • Guest and customer contact details and the time of stay are collected on table lists to enable contact tracing - including a declaration of consent to data collection. These lists must be kept for four weeks on a confidential basis.
  • Tables and seating areas are cleaned and disinfected after every use (continuous written documentation).
  • The lobby is intensively ventilated at regular intervals.


  • Staff work areas are separated from each other (as far as this is possible according to the scope of activities).
  • A toque, disposable gloves and mouth and nose coverings must be worn when in contact with guests.
  • Hand cleaning and disinfection is carried out at least every 30 minutes or as required (continuous written documentation).
  • Dirty dishes are separated from clean dishes in the scullery/sink area.
  • Surfaces are cleaned and treated with surface disinfectant at hourly intervals (continuous written documentation).
  • The already applicable kitchen hygiene requirements in accordance with HACCP must also be observed.
  • Staff work clothes are washed daily at at least 60°.

Outdoor pool kiosk:

  • A distance of at least 1.50 metres applies at the kiosk window for orders and take-away goods.
  • Bathers must adhere to the distancing rule when queuing; the corresponding markings are in place.

Public areas:

  • Public areas are cleaned at regular intervals and as required.
  • Public toilets are cleaned regularly. Cleaning intervals are documented on a visible cleaning list.
  • Separate and discernible rules apply to parts of the men’s WC. Soap and disinfectant dispensers and paper towels are available.


  • The lifts’ surfaces and controls are cleaned and disinfected inside and outside every hour
  • A lift may be used by a maximum of 2 people at a time (signs make this clear). Please give priority here to guests with prams, wheelchairs or walking frames.

Meeting area:

  • Our meeting rooms are continuously disinfected with modern room air purification systems (UvOxy® technology).
  • Meeting guests must adhere to the distancing rule. Wearing a mouth and nose covering is recommended.
  • The seating in the meeting rooms complies with the distancing rule of at least 1.5 metres
  • A disinfectant dispenser is located at the entrance to each meeting room.
  • The meeting rooms are automatically ventilated or air-conditioned and are regularly cleaned during lunch breaks and provided with a cleaning seal. Surface disinfection of tables, chairs, light switches and remote controls is carried out.
    Toilets in the meeting area are cleaned regularly. Cleaning intervals are documented on a visible cleaning list.
  • If catering has been ordered for the meeting breaks, individually packaged snacks will be served.


  • Our staff are trained on the new hygiene and distancing rules (written documentation). These rules must be observed and violations must be reported immediately to the management.
  • Staff changing rooms are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals (continuous written documentation).
  • A hygiene plan is displayed in each individual staff area, including changing rooms.
  • Direct physical contact between guests and staff and colleagues (shaking hands, hugging, etc.) is not permitted.
  • Team meetings only take place in compliance with the distancing rules.
  • Employees are instructed to stop work immediately or even not come to work if they feel ill; instead, they should visit a doctor. Fitness for work must be certified by a doctor.
  • External personnel (e.g., suppliers) do not have access to hygiene rooms, storage, restaurant, etc. Distancing rules must also be observed here.

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